Homeschool Info

I’ve decided to write a series of posts on homeschooling and do my best to collect information and answer questions on homeschooling that I frequently get asked.

When I get asked about homeschooling I always try to check and see if the person is genuinely interested in the subject of homeschooling or has a point of view (either for or against) homeschooling and wants to ‘convert me’ to their thought patterns.

I’m open to discussion and I love to talk about the subject with people who are able to accept that I’m comfortable with my choice and that I’m not open to being ‘talked at’ or ‘disapproval because I don’t agree’ with them and their thoughts.

I meet just as many homeschoolers who disagree with how I understand homeschooling and would like to convert me to their methods as I meet people who want me to do the normal thing and put my kids back in school without taking the time or interest to read the things that shaped my thoughts and help me address the issues and concerns that I have with institutional schools and homeschooling.

Here are the links to my blog posts!  I’ll do my best to update them as I write them!


Is Homeschooling Legal?


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