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#2 Teaches Regrouping

Regrouping!   Because teaching math is much more fun than doing math… Advertisements

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#2 Teaches Ragged Addition

Adding numbers of different lengths!

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The Daughter Teaches Math

  My daughter has decided that she wants to teach her math instead…

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Is Homeschooling Legal?

Most often, yes. Now that is deliberately vague because this is something that you have to research for your district and province/state and country. Homeschooling is not universally accepted and in some countries, for example some of the European countries, … Continue reading

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Homeschool and Socialization

I’ve decided to pull together a series of links and make some comments about homeschooling and the ‘Big Questions’ in one place so that I can find them in one place.  This is by no means an exhaustive list and … Continue reading

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Another Textbook Quote

A fine example for why we have ‘regulating and governing bodies’ today especially when it comes to research: “In 1731, Stephen Gray performed an experiment similar to the comb experiment just described.  He rubbed a rod with a piece of … Continue reading

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Kniting, studying, teaching

Been busy studying my school work, teaching my children and knitting.  Here’s a pic to share.  A HuGe thank you to Melanie for the book I won, is very exciting to win, even though I did make a paper cover … Continue reading

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Funny Quote from my textbook

“Apes are arboreal animals, with limber shoulder joints that allow them to brachiate (swing from one handhold to another) in trees, a trait retained by humans, although they generally do not live in trees.  Apes are distinguished as well by … Continue reading

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This is what happens…

This is what happens when you are taking courses on the internet.  See… ? And this… this is what I’m supposed to be looking like… and then there would be that issue with tabbed browsing!  Yet, have no fear and … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Nerves

One of my latest forms of school torture is to have the children do a Dictation daily.  I’ve found that doing spelling for the sake of spelling doesn’t happen at our home.  I’ve found that  journaling is an exercise in … Continue reading

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