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Trust or Not to Trust?

I had planned to come on here and blog tonight.  My husband is on his two week night-shift cycle.  Plus the new laptop we bought me to use for work arrived and affords me a wonderful keyboard which makes typing … Continue reading

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Homeschool and Socialization

I’ve decided to pull together a series of links and make some comments about homeschooling and the ‘Big Questions’ in one place so that I can find them in one place.  This is by no means an exhaustive list and … Continue reading

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Remembering the Simple Things

There are times when we get so absorbed into everything that we forget to take the time to do the easy, little things that mean the world. Today, my son was so thrilled at how he made his bed.  He … Continue reading

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Going to the Pediatrician’s Office Tomorrow

The other day I was pondering blogging and the what and why behind this blog.  Unlike many other blogs, this blog really doesn’t have a theme.  And I had some deep thinking about this blog and that was going to … Continue reading

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Protected: Negotiations: Walking Away from the Table

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Advent Calendar

Every year I try to find some way to create a sense of anticipation for my children. We don’t do huge gift Christmases in our family, but I want to create for them some of the wonder, longing and anticipation … Continue reading

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I’ve been working hard at reading the various books recommend in my son’s Psycho-educational assessment.  I can see lots of value in these books but it is becoming hard to figure out, which piece of advice holds the most weight.  … Continue reading

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Real Life Lessons

Today my son underwent some Real Life Lessons. Only I really wish he didn’t learn them “hands on.” For example: -spent matches are hot enough to burn holes -when a balloon lands on hot wax, it will burst -when a … Continue reading

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Home School Twist Time!

This past summer my son underwent a series of tests to help us ‘figure’ him out educationally.  The first day of testing quickly revealed that we did in fact have concerns regarding him, but first and foremost, they were behavioural … Continue reading

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A Funny Thing Happened

This happened on Friday and I initially posted it to the Flylady Forums. But I decided I wanted to remember this for later years. Okay, my daughter just turned 7. I’ve been a flybaby since she was 1. The last … Continue reading

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