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Trust or Not to Trust?

I had planned to come on here and blog tonight.  My husband is on his two week night-shift cycle.  Plus the new laptop we bought me to use for work arrived and affords me a wonderful keyboard which makes typing … Continue reading

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My Bike was Stolen!

Someone stole my bike last night.  I am so upset right now! I’ve reported it stolen.  The shop where I bought it is preparing an insurance cost bill for me. The thief, likely around midnight because that’s when our dog … Continue reading

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July 4th Canoe Trip

Today, after we biked our daughter to a sleepover we decided that we were going to head out and enjoy the lovely sunshine and perfect temperatures.  We use a Wike Woody Wanoe to pull our canoe around town.  If we … Continue reading

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Grocery Shopping with the Bike

This is what you would have seen today as we came home from the grocery store.  We had numerous supplies to fill and so the poor Wike was loaded to capacity. I must say it is a pleasure navigating around … Continue reading

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Our Latest Bike Trailer

We’ve been doing well on our plan to avoid driving the car as much as is ‘reasonable’ this summer.  Basically, within the city and for daily use we use bikes.  Outside of the city, we’ll take the car if we … Continue reading

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Some Comedic Relief: How not to be effective when Grocery Shopping

I thought it was time to take a little relief from the current tone of posts, tis true that more has *happened* but that can wait for now.  Today was one for the record books folks! But first, PICTURES! This … Continue reading

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A Momentous Day!

While today is not typical of our activities, it isn’t unusual to have one day like this a week. Let me preface our momentous event by stating that our daughter, age 6, has been slow in learning to ride her … Continue reading

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