New “Same Old World”

It seems that almost daily I’m struck by the fact that although our lives look and function so differently today than even 5 years ago, I can say:

Whatever is has already been,

and what will bee has been before;

and God will call the past to account.

Ecclesiastes 3:15

Today, as I was texting pictures to the man who installed our water heater, I had to laugh that I could send pictures to him while talking on the phone.  He should be able to pick up the parts needed to fix our heater before stepping in our home.  And yet, at the bottom of it, I need to rely on another person.  We almost always need other people in our lives.

That hasn’t changed over time.  We have not really changed over time.  For that I’m grateful because I don’t feel this pressure that I have to get everything right and be perfect to live a successful life.  Nope, I just get to live, enjoy, and be as wise as I can be.  As a believer, I get to do all of that while enjoying this wonderful world and giving thanks for all that I do have.  That’s wonderful.

I am struck by this because I just finished a long intensive series of classes that have prepared me for volunteering on the regional distress hot line.  I’m somewhat worried about the responsibility that I feel when accepting that role.  Yet some part of me keeps saying, all I have to do is remember that they are just like me.

Just like I need others, they need others.

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  1. Nice to hear from you, Birdy!

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