Decision Making

After several years of homeschooling our children, and then a few years of working whatever job I could that fit our family schedule, I returned to work full-time for a really amazing company.

I was initially hired to be Executive Assistant to the General Manager, but rather quickly that changed.  I’ve since been put on the path to becoming one of the company consultants.  This means that I get to go and work with a wide range of boards in a broad range of topics.  It is very interesting.  To use a term that falls dangerously close to cliché, it is very “dynamic.”

I love the work.

Part of my responsibility to our clients is to spend a lot of time reading and learning.   We’re hired to facilitate, teach, advise/provide outside perspective, and assist.

Part of my self-directed education has been to read lots of books, blogs, news-feeds, etc.  A recent trending topic is our ability to make sound/good decisions.

It appears that we humans are pretty lousy at sound decision-making.  It appears that we are continuously swayed by our biases, emotion frequently trumps logic, and we frequently over-assume our abilities to decide well.  To paraphrase what I learned in PSY 101, 85% of people surveyed scored themselves above average in abilities.

According to several sources, our ability to make a successful decision works out the same odds as flipping a coin.

A book that I’ve recently read about making the most of our decision-making process is called Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath.

I recommend this book.  They took the time to do a lot of research and have come up with a decision-making paradigm that should help improve your decision-making process.

Meanwhile, to share a quote I heard today:

Sometimes you win; sometimes you learn.”  John Maxwell.

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