Kniting, studying, teaching

Been busy studying my school work, teaching my children and knitting.  Here’s a pic to share.  A HuGe thank you to Melanie for the book I won, is very exciting to win, even though I did make a paper cover for it because it gave my son the heebee jeebies!

Scalloped Edge Newborn hat

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5 Responses to Kniting, studying, teaching

  1. dreamom says:

    Which book, and where is the pattern for that hat from?

  2. Cindy Kikkert says:

    That is the prettiest baby hat I’ve ever seen! Great work!

  3. Melanie says:

    You’re welcome – the cover is a little much, isn’t it? I had to put a paper cover on a scary book when I was a teenager. I could stand to read it, but I couldn’t take the cover art.

    Love the edging on the hat!

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