Finger Painting Dogs

The Real Housekeeping Institute would like to report on some of its most recent research.

First the inspiration for the experiments.  At one point we had a lovely cat named Paw-casso.  Paw-casso was a rescue adoption cat who had received the benefit of art therapy while in the able care of our friends at the OSPCA.  At an auction Paw-casso’s creations were even sold to raise the agency some money.

Paw-casso has since left our care for some permanent rest and relaxation.

But she still inspires!

Research has conclusively determined that:

a. Parental consent will not be given for exploration in the realm of “Painting with Pets.”

b. The best time to get into trouble conduct “Painting with Pets” is 6:30 a.m. when your Senior Research Advisers are likely to respond to all sorts of mayhem with vague orders to “Be Quiet and Let Me Sleep.”  This can allow for extended efforts.

c. To really produce art works of “lasting quality” it is important to change mediums.  Water colour is passe, Acrylics are much more vibrant and produce much better coverage with longer lasting effects.

d. Dogs don’t really like paw painting.  However, if they get their tails in the paint, they are much more prolific painters.

e. Dogs like to jump on furniture to get away from Junior Research Assistants.

f. It is possible to hide the effects of Dogs painting on furniture by carefully flipping cushions over, carefully wiping paint off wooden surfaces and “Volunteering to Wash the Dog While You Sleep In Mom.”

g. Acrylics don’t come out of upholstry fabric after 3+ weeks of time.

h. Junior Research Assistants feel quite passionately that after a passage of say… 24 hours… a certain amount of immunity must apply to transgressions discovered after those initial 24 hours.

i. Or, at least, total immunity should apply after 1 week.

j. For sure after 2 weeks.

k. You really can’t be expected to be blamed after 3 weeks.

l. Fidelity between Junior Research Associates do not hold up well to accidental spills of mushroom soup on the sofa which lead to a Senior Research Assistant removing cushions and in the process turning over those cushions.

m. Real Housekeeping Institution no longer stocks paint in its art supply cupboard.

n. NO! as in there will be absolutely NO more experiments with liquid mediums and any Junior or 4-legged Research Associates… ever!

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2 Responses to Finger Painting Dogs

  1. dreamom says:

    Similar measures were instituted here. Our four legged research associates are nothing compared to the Junior Research Associates at this institute!


  2. Desia says:

    That was very funny, sorry!

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