Life goes on in the Ward

Well, yes… the thieves have done a number on our little plans…

The estimated repairs to the car to make it drivable are $1100.  With those repairs being the bare minimum, the mechanic feels that he would not trust it outside the city.  Joshua and I feel that it is time to call it finished with that car.

However, technically it is still insurable!  And as it no longer moves of its own ability, we could park it in the driveway and consider it thief proof.  That is our worst case scenario because we already know we need to keep our car insurance!

We are working on another possibility, but yeah…

In other news, our morning routine now involves one other step: “Go outside and see if anything else was stolen.”

Inside I just weep to hear these words and see these actions from my children.

Not only that but yesterday the children came to me and we talked about the car and saving up to buy a “new” car and the both volunteered to give up their ballet and hockey lessons respectively.  Joshua and I had talked about the possibility but here they were giving it up of their own choice.

Now, we have been blessed because I just had a phone call with the Director of the daughter’s Ballet school and I’ve just traded my sewing abilities to pay for her dance lessons this year.

Hockey presents a bigger hurdle because, well, I don’t think they need sewing and it isn’t in our city so we have a transportation hurdle as well.

To paraphrase Shrek, my life is like an onion… onions have layers, my days have layers… I never know what’s going to come next!

and… yes Donkey!  I’d rather it was a parfait!

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3 Responses to Life goes on in the Ward

  1. dreamom says:

    I am glad to hear that things are settling a bit, and hopefully there are no more repeats of thievery…

    I am glad to hear that there is a resolution to the dance lesson thing, and I hope that one for the boys fall/winter activity will present itself too…

    Love and Prayers headed your way from Manitoba!

  2. Elaine says:

    My heart just breaks for you and your family. You’ve had a rough year so far and I know that you’ve made it this far because of your love for one another and your faith in God. I pray for you and that more blessings will be poured out on you.

    I know that you are proud of your children for being so willing to give up their lesson/hobbies for the family though I know that you would rather not have to take them up on it. I will also be praying that a blessing for the boy will come about.

  3. appliejuice says:

    I am so sorry. 😦 I wish I could help.

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