Update: the car

Well, thanks to friends, the car has been recovered.

It doesn’t work and had to be towed to the mechanic’s shop.  The mechanic can’t get to it until Friday.  But his initial prognosis was not good.

The car had been a blessing and gift to us.  We had hoped that it would allow us to save up enough money to buy a decent car to replace it while having the ability to get groceries via car in the winter time.  The thought of mushing through the snow by bike laden with groceries is something about which I have only wussy “I don’t want to thoughts!”

There is always the possibility that it would be fine, but there is another possibility in the picture.  I’m in the process of exploring this possibility.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to thank all of you, those who responded and those who didn’t, for your well wishes, thoughts, and prayers.

We have yet to hear back about the bike.  But I am very spoiled by my husband in that we have already replaced my bike.  We have installed a really good frame lock on the new to me bike.

We’ve also invested in all new bike locks for the entire fleet 😉 , new garage door locks, and new house locks.

This series of thefts has been heartbreaking, leaving us furious, and frustrated.  At this point, after the year that we have already experienced it is hard not to feel that things could not go worse.  That being said, we really hold onto the fact that we are actually very blessed.

Daily I meet people who are in worse straights than I.  I have firmly fixed in my head that my children and husband are health, our pets are healthy, we have our home, and we have great friends and family here with us.  Through thick and thin, we’ve been pulling together and the support that we have been given is phenomenal and we really just thank you all for doing that for us!  For without you this year would have found us broken long before we got to the events of this weekend.

Take care my friends and family and readers.  I treasure you all!  You are the golden lining!

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3 Responses to Update: the car

  1. You’re pretty amazing. You know that, right?

  2. desia says:

    I wish I was there to help, somehow…God will provide.

  3. appliejuice says:

    I am glad the car was recovered and I hope that the prognosis is not as bad as everyone things.

    What is your “new to you bike” like?

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