My Bike was Stolen!

Someone stole my bike last night.  I am so upset right now!

I’ve reported it stolen.  The shop where I bought it is preparing an insurance cost bill for me.

The thief, likely around midnight because that’s when our dog went crazy barky mad last night, walked into our back yard and stole my bike.

Not having a car, this is doubly mad.  I am just crying so hard right now.

Hubby and son are out biking around looking for the bike.  They are hoping it was a steal and ditch.  But considering the bike was 1.5 years old, with loads of bells and whistles added by me over time, the likelihood of that is slim.

Meanwhile the bike shop gave me a brilliant idea.  I’ve placed a want Ad out for my bike.  Something simple asking for a bike and then putting a ‘decent’ amount of money up for purchasing the *new* bike.

Please pray I get it back!  The shop is going to pull together a few options for me because at this point, not having a bike… is a really crappy option.  I can’t imagine walking home all those groceries.

Thanks for your prayers!

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4 Responses to My Bike was Stolen!

  1. seeker86 says:

    Birdie I’m so sorry to hear this. I pray you get it back soon or the Lord provides something else for you.

  2. appliejuice says:

    I am so sorry! I am so mad for you. I really hope you get your bike back.

  3. Songbirdy says:

    Thanks Friends!

    We have gone into the money we’ve been saving to buy a car to buy me a replacement bike because we feel that it was important to replace the bike.

    My son has wandered around all day muttering about hunting down the thief and ‘dealing with him.’

    I’m still shaking! And feeling exhausted too.

  4. Desia says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this Birdy! I still don’t get how someone can just decide to take what is not theirs? I would feel like your son too.
    Hope you find it undamaged soon.

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