Sunshine Pictures on a Cold Day

We all need a little help remembering that Summer is traditionally warm.  Here are some pictures from earlier this month.  We went swimming at a friend’s house in their pool.  My little native Canadian’s thought the weather was warm.  Truthfully it was frigid and the pool was barely above 70… but they were there to swim and swim they did.  Naturally my boy was smarter than I and managed to shirk off the sunscreen and ended up with a massive sunburn.  Those are summer memories as they should be!  Enjoy!

Soaking in the Sun.

Negotiating the Turn.

Tandem Floatation.

Bottom Over Easy

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4 Responses to Sunshine Pictures on a Cold Day

  1. appliejuice says:

    What fun! My girls went swimming in the neighbor’s pool several months ago and the water was below 60. lol

    So, what is the weather up there now?

    • Songbirdy says:

      To be truthful, I don’t know the temperatures here 🙂 I only knew the pool temperature because I was told. I know it is the coldest summer since 1915 and that this month, it is likely that our highest temperature is just on the average temperature for a normal July. Whatever that means! [Well, okay it means cold!]

      My husband has actually put two of our winter quilts back on our bed! But I don’t mind because I can knit comfortably in this weather 😀 .

  2. appliejuice says:

    Well, can you send some of that cold weather down here? Perhaps some snow when you get it?

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