An Update on the Car Situation

My essay yesterday was motivated from the events that we went through yesterday.

I had posted that my husband and I are doing without a car for now.  Basically we had to make a choice.  The ‘value’ of our current car was less than the cost of the new brakes, tires, engine work, and so forth.

We then decided that we were going to try and make do with our bikes.  We are well set up to use our bikes for everything.  And because we have some wonderful friends and family we have the opportunity to ‘rent’ their car on the odd occassion for the few times when we’d like to go farther away.  For example, to visit my husband’s family or to take the kids on their annual birthday trip to the zoo.

A few friends had mentioned that there might be some insurance complications.  To put it simply, my husband has been involved in a number of accidents.  Once someone ran a red light and badly damaged our car, he was driving.  Then there was the accident of Jan. 2007, which, Lord willing, will have been resolved by August 1.  [You can pray that we don’t get served lawsuit papers before that date!]  And so forth.

Today, because I knew the insurance company would know we didn’t have the car (its complicated) I called the company and let them know myself.

Sure enough, if we don’t keep my husband insured, he will have his insurance rates at least double when we go to reinsure him.  The solution?

Thankfully our Pastor and his wife have offered a car to us.  It is, literally, going to sit parked in our driveway.  It isn’t really road safe but will pass the tests required by the law to be legally insurable.  It is going to be how we insure my husband and I until the point when we have saved up enough money so that we can go and buy a road worthy car.

Living simple?  I just don’t know.  We are trying to live within our means, but can’t afford to pay more insurance than we already pay!  This is, in my mind, an attempt to live frugally.

Convoluted?  Definitely!

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