No Car of Our Own

What started out this summer as being something of a ‘dare’ between my husband and I has become an issue of no choice. At the beginning of the summer I dared my husband to try living without a car as much as possible. My thought was to take the car off the road and to make our way through the following months through leg power.

My hope was to save some money. Pure and simple, lol!

He agreed to try but not to take the car off the road. That was too much for him. I conceded that I’m a ‘romantic’ at heart and tend to see the rosy side of things.

So we have made the effort and much of our ‘road’ time since May has been on our bike tires.

But the circumstances have changed. Recently we had to make a hard decision and part of that was realizing that it was best for us at this point and time to not keep our car on the road. The cost to us was too great and the number of steps to keeping that car was too much for us at this time.

So now, we are going on without a car. Until we can save up enough money to buy another vehicle. Clearly, its not going to be a new car!

For the record we’re averaging 10 kilometres a day. And yes, yesterday, when I had to get on the bike for a third trip having already biked 20 kms, I so wished I was organized enough to take the bus!

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2 Responses to No Car of Our Own

  1. BrendaS says:

    Wow! Good for you! That is a tough decision to make. I’m kind of lazy that way, although I would benefit from the exercise, I am sure. We’ve just put a ton of money into fixing our car from a ‘it stopped dead’ condition! It is a VERY expensive habit this car ownership thing!!!!! Best wishes to you in recovering enough to get one…or in your discovery that you can do without! A good bus system is a bonus!

  2. Elaine says:

    All the best to you as you make do.

    My dad always told me that the cheapest part of owning a car is buying it.

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