African Lion Safari

Meggie and the kids

Today we had the privilege of going to the African Lion Safari in Cambridge, Ontario.  We are covering my sister-in-law and brother’s flier route while they are in Zambia working and building at the “Village of Hope.”  It was Carrier Appreciation day and we were allowed to go under their name.  It was simply fantastic.

Elephants heading back after their swim

The park is based slightly different from many.  The main area of the park is a series of HUGE cages and we the people ride around in smaller cages while the animals are free to co-mingle and so forth with some limits.  For example no other creatures co-mingle with the Lions, lol!  Part of our pass covered riding the tour bus through the Safari section which I highly recommend.  For one, you get a tour guide who does an excellent job explaining the facts of the animals.  But most importantly, there is nothing to prevent the animals from destroying your vehicle.  And while most aren’t a problem, and you can by-pass the monkeys, most people don’t and I heard stories of a giraffe pee-ing on the car of the person behind us, and a deer licking the mirror broken on another vehicle.

Elephant Giggle :)

Some high-lights include an up close and personal tug of war with Meggie the Elephant.  An up close and personal visit with Sophia the 9 month old reluctant to visit and reluctant to leave Cheetah.  The elephants march to and the elephants bath.  Baby Chuck the Elephant.  An antelope giving birth on the safari.  And so much more 🙂  we had a simply splendid time and did a really good job on our commitment to spend no money.  [We joined Rhonda’s two week no spending pledge on Down to Earth blog].

Sophia the 9 month old Leopard

For loads of pictures you can check out our Picasa Web photo album.

African Lion Safari

For my American friends, the young Bald Eagle:


Just a comment, I was thrilled to see so many children wearing hats.  But most of the children above the age of 12 didn’t appear to wear hats.  And only about 1 in 20 adults was wearing a hat.  For shame!  No wonder the older children won’t wear hats!  Not only that when we passed by the paramedic’s booth, we found several adults stretched out resting with presumably sun/heat stroke.

And the number of times I heard an adult say, “No, you must keep your hat on its too hot not to wear it Jimmy.”

Yet… did Jimmy’s Mommy and Daddy wear hats?

Okay, personal rant over, just wear your hats please parents!

And thank you to my brother and Sis-in-law!  Btw, the kids want to keep the shirt they won.  They say it won’t fit either of you or their cousins 🙂 .

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5 Responses to African Lion Safari

  1. dreamom says:

    I really wanted to see pictures of the antelope giving birth! 😦 Sounds fun – We never did get there… African Lion’s Safari, or rent… Lucky you…

  2. jodysgirl94 says:

    Oh! That looks like sooooooooooooo much fun!

    I have always refused to wear anything over my head. You will never see me in a hat, cap, scarf, helmet, etc…. I can’t stand it. LOL!

    • Songbirdy says:

      If you saw some of my pretty hats you might be tempted. I am so luck to have one of the oldest hat factories in North America 1 block over from my house. Some of those hats are so drop dead gorgeous! 🙂

  3. cricketB says:

    I love that zoo. Used to have season’s passes — pays for itself during the third visit. But, too much of a good thing… and tons of other places to see.

    I agree about hats, as long as they’re good ones that cover ears, neck, and enough of a brim over the eyes. The ones I had to wear at camp as a kid were dark and no brim — collected heat and did no good.

    Also, sun glasses. Prevents cataracts. Also prevent wrinkles around the eyes — less sun damage, and less squinting!

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