July 4th Canoe Trip

Wike Woody Wanoe Trailer

Today, after we biked our daughter to a sleepover we decided that we were going to head out and enjoy the lovely sunshine and perfect temperatures.  We use a Wike Woody Wanoe to pull our canoe around town.  If we go canoeing farther a stream we will place it on top of our car.  We have a local area annual season’s pass and that allows us to go canoeing all over our local area for free.

We love to go canoeing and live literally a 5 minute bike ride from two major rivers.  They actually join near a covered bridge right by our house.  So we have loads of options right here in the centre of our city.

In fact, allow me to show you.  The bridge, with my son getting ready to cross.The Covered Bridge

The view from the bridge, the Speed is on the lower left, the Eramosa on the upper left and on the right they are the new and enlarged Speed River.

Eramosa & Speed

And here is the improved Speed River from the view of the canoe:
Gordon Street Bridge
[the bridge is the Gordon Street bridge in Guelph]

Today we decided to put in (the river) farther down stream than normal.  We hoped to go quite a ways downriver but learned very quickly that there is a drop and so after a short 20 minutes we pulled out and headed back upstream to our normal launch spot.

Heading Down to the RiverCanoe into the RiverAlways Practice SafetyClimbing up for a ViewIMG_5383IMG_5530IMG_5535IMG_5365IMG_5362

Momma Duck and Babies:


An Inuit Directional marker made by University Students this winter when the waters were low, my husband and kids saw them making this. I don’t know the spelling but something like “Inukshuk.”


It was truly an amazing day!

[all of the picture will live link to my Flickr account so you can see them at their various sizes :)]

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2 Responses to July 4th Canoe Trip

  1. Desia says:

    I’ve never seen a canoe transported like that, looks cool! Also the grocery cart behind your bike in a post below too – very neat.

  2. appliejuice says:

    I so want to go with you. 🙂

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