Grocery Shopping with the Bike

Full to Overflowing

This is what you would have seen today as we came home from the grocery store.  We had numerous supplies to fill and so the poor Wike was loaded to capacity.

I must say it is a pleasure navigating around the store with the new third wheel!

Hanging off the back of the Wike were our breads and my purse (double bagged in a reusable shopping bag.  Total cost of our trip was $133, which does not include a % amount for the cost of the bike and trailer as my accountant brother might suggest I add!  Nor does it include the calories I spent pulling it and it was heavy.

Take a look inside:

Full Wike

As you can see there is need to think when packing.  At the very bottom, which you can’t see was 10kg of flour, 10 lbs of potatoes, 9 lbs of apples, 5 lbs of onions, 4kg of white and 4 kg of brown sugar.  Strategically placed upon them was a full stocking of canned goods.  Most of them seen here:

Inside the Pantry Cupboard with Labels

Now we didn’t buy anything on the top shelf but you can see a large portion of goods that were all brought home by bike.  No, I didn’t take pictures of all the vegetables, meats and dairy we bought, that would just be silly now wouldn’t it?  Although… we did really clean out the fridge just lovely when we came home.

The best part of owning this system?  Unlike when you car grocery shop, you don’t have to unpack everything out of the trunk and make multiple trips back and forth from the trunk once you get home.  You don’t even have to unload the grocery cart into the trunk at the store.  Nope…


Backing the Wike up into the house

back the Wike up and pull it into the house :), down the hall and… into your kitchen where you can unpack the entire lot just one time. Talk about economy of effort! 😉

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11 Responses to Grocery Shopping with the Bike

  1. That is so cool! What a great idea.

  2. dreamom says:

    Economy of effort? Are you SURE? What about the effort of getting there and back! lol I am jealous… Green with envy… I want a wike – two to be exact…

    BTW, have I told you that I miss you lately?

  3. rhonda jean says:

    Hi songbirdy! What fabulous transport you have. I really love this and haven’t seen anything like it before.

  4. appliejuice says:


    You take your Wike into the grocery store and use it as a cart? We can’t do that with our trailor, it doesn’t have a third wheel.

    You are making me want to get that thing down and take trips to the grocery store. Lord, knows I need the exercise. We have done it with the kids, but not for a good load of groceries.

    • Songbirdy says:

      Yes, right into the store. I did before we had the third wheel and just the mounting bracket was on the front of the carrier. That was awkward but I did it for 2 years that way.

      Because we bought a second trailer for the dog, we were able to upgrade to the handlebar, larger wheels and nose wheel for slightly less than it would have cost normally. We simply upgraded the wheels for the new cart but put them on the ‘old’ cart, lol! Does that make sense?

      Yes, you get lots of comments. What is even funnier is that people, in our mid-sized city, even recognize us. Yesterday a woman stopped and stared at us outside the grocery store. So I smiled and waved. She came up, “Where’s your dog?”

      She recognized us from other bike trips and wondered why the dog didn’t come with us to the store. So I explained how someone had Animal Control pick him up one time so now, when we have to spend a fair amount of time in a store, he stays home. Much to his chagrin!

  5. appliejuice says:

    Someone called animal control to pick up a dog in a basket? That’s pretty bad.

    People at my grocery store recognize me because of my kids. “Where are you kids?”

    I don’t know if I would like hauling around that Wike inside the grocery store. We always go in pairs, and Sir Husband stays outside with the bikes while I go in. Of course, we don’t get much more than milk and a few things. No major grocery run.

    • Songbirdy says:

      Yes. We were told it was animal neglect. Not only that but the person removed the water bowl from the crate. I was told that I should never have left the dog alone but have left one of my children outside with the dog. But they did eventually concede that perhaps the individual might have been exaggerating the circumstances as to how long the pet was left alone when I could prove with store receipts that the individual was lying, and when I found the non-existent water bowl hidden close by.

      Thankfully, that time I didn’t have to pay a fine.

  6. Elaine says:

    I wish that I lived more in town to do something like that in the summer. The personal benefits would be remarkable and my doctor would be very proud of me. =)

    • Songbirdy says:

      I understand Elaine. I find we do a lot more physical activity now that we live within city limits than when we lived on the farm. There are more places that are people friendly here!

  7. Dad says:

    Sustainability – self-sufficiency and good health – all the pluses! Congrats to my daughter for getting the word/pictures out!!! Makes a Dad proud!

  8. dreamom says:

    And what would CAS say about your kid left outside the store to stay with the dog!? Perspective please! I guess poor Kibbles will just have to skip the grocery runs…

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