ZigZag’s New Clothes

ZigZag the Monkey

Meet ZigZag the Monkey.  She’s my daughter’s stuffy.  I gave this toy to her for Valentine’s Day when she was three.  As much as I vowed that there would be no toy that we had to turn around to pick up… unbeknown to me ZigZag became that toy.  By the time I was aware of the fact there was no chance of buying a second spare ZigZag to swap around with the first and hopefully avoid those long distance return trips to pick up ZigZag.

Anyhow, ZigZag had a pressing need to be dressed.  I crocheted her up a cute white and pink dress with ruffles and what have you.  But I was informed that it went out of style.

I informed ZigZag that I was no longer in the clothing for monkeys business and she had to find another clothier.

Luckily my daughter learned to knit.  These are the product of her 7 year old knitting.  She designed the winter coat/poncho.  I approximated the ‘perfect’ number of stitches to cast on for the scarf a.k.a. head propping up device.   The Sundress is a product of… well… It was a swatch that got appropriated.  Then some how the rows kept mushrooming.  I pointed out to the knitter that this made it a perfect dress and she came out of her room this morning having cast it off and proudly sewn in the seams.  She did all her own casting off and seaming.

The Coat and Scarf:
The Scarf and Winter Coat/Poncho Combo

The Sundress:
The Single Shoulder Dress

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3 Responses to ZigZag’s New Clothes

  1. Lovely! I’m glad she got it all done. 🙂

  2. RecycleCindy says:

    What a wonderful accomplishment for just a 7 year old knitter! I never had any girls to teach to crochet or sew but I have a granddaughter coming soon so maybe one of these years I can teach her to make cute things like your daughter has. Best wishes and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment.

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