More About the Course

So in short, I have to take exactly 4 courses to graduate with my Bachelor of General Arts with a major in Psychology and a double minor in history and english. Now here is the cool part. I’ve done all of the ‘core’ courses and all I have to do is 4 more 200 or 300 or 400 level courses. Electives are the University-speak for those courses.

I’m taking three courses via Athabasca University. These are self-taught/driven courses. Kind of like homeschooling!

The book with the salad on it (and I agree, its yummy looking) is the Study Guide. It tells me that I have to do this, that and the last thing and get this, that, and the last thing minimum marks to get my credits. I have a course tutor who I have to e-mail things to for marking and credit. I have two exams, mid-term and final that will be taken at a host site. That will likely be the University of Guelph.

So, for my electives, I’m taking two courses in Nutrition because, quite simply it is something by which I am fascinated. I’m also taking a Physiological Neural Psychology. That is through the university that I will obtain my degree. I am taking that course because it is the last course that my favourite professor will ever teach at this university because he is retiring to California. So this will all be on-line. I realize, its a hard life and I wish him the best! šŸ˜‰

I have to take this Nutrition course in order to qualify to take the second.

For my last course I was going to take Family Sociology but today, in speaking with the President of the Student Union at Athabasca University, she recommended three other courses 2 of which she has taken and found rather interesting and the third taken by her friend and also intersting.

They are, in order:
medical anthropology
health and healing administration

She also recommended a course in “issues in women’s health.”

Which would you pick? My original selection or one of the new ones?

And for the record, today I completed the first section of the first chapter and the first quiz of the first section of the first chapter, šŸ˜† .

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2 Responses to More About the Course

  1. cricketB says:

    Medical anthropology intrigues me, but a full course might be too much. It’s not PC to admit racial differences, but some genotypes react differently to different meds. It would save a lot of time and expense to go to the drugs that only work well on 10% of the population — and 100% of your minority group.

  2. annetchu says:

    I sure hope you took Medical Anthropology. I did not take this course at Athabasca, but I took it at the University of Calgary. Wow, I was amazed and still find it amazing that different cultures perceive “Medical” and “health” differently.

    I remember reading Kathy Dettwyler’s research on breastfeeding. In this one culture, women breastfeed at any time and any place. Yes, any place, even in the public. There were many reasons behind this and one of them was that in this culture, breasts were not seen as “sexual”.

    Anyway, there were lots of interesting topics and theories. Worth taking!

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