The ‘Forced’ New Look

New Haircut

So, last weekend I went for a hair cut, something along the usual lines. Well, it went wrong, quite wrong!

I tried and tried to live with it, but when I went back the stylist who gave me this cut in an attempt to even out the first cut exclaimed that the cut was akin to 3 different cuts! I looked, not to say its a bad look, like a Jewish Boy with the side locks. Which is not how I prefer to look!

From these pictures, the very back and the front haven’t changed from that bad haircut. But its drastically different from my normal cut. I’m thinking I’ll learn to appreciate this cut but it is hard looking in the mirror and seeing this when I’m used to my shoulder length wedge!

For the record, I’m not complaining about this cut as I think it looks very nice. Its just… quite different!

Side Profile Straight Forward

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5 Responses to The ‘Forced’ New Look

  1. dreamom says:

    She definitely failed to take into account the way your hair behaves – such as the flippy wave on the sides, and the quiet calm demeanour of the back… By the end of the summer you should be able to get things back to normal…

    • Songbirdy says:

      lol, that’s why I curled the ends up even more. I figure if its going to flip, then its going to flip!

      Its something about the ears. But if we cut it any shorter… then bah! Just shows you how bad the first cut was, she could only blend in that section! I figure there was at least 5 – 6 inches taken off at that point!

  2. appliejuice says:

    I am sorry about the haircut, but it does look rather cute on you. It looks fresh and summery. šŸ™‚ I hope you didn’t pay her and they offered you a year of free haircuts.

    I’m getting my hair cut today and you now have me scared. LOL

  3. cricketB says:

    The final cut suits you. Nice and summery, with a bit of style. I hear you went back to the same shop — good! Enough redoes and her coworkers will make her learn or leave. I keep thinking I should let mine grow for a few months then go to someone new for an experiment, but I’ve gone to the same one for 15 years, and she knows which parts have lopsided curves and that I wash, towel, comb and ignore, so skip the cuts that need daily attention.

  4. Songbirdy says:

    Thank you all for the sweet compliments! Last night my husband even said he liked this hair cut now šŸ™‚ Its helping. I think the biggest thing for me was the shock of it all! šŸ˜†

    I did get a few free haircuts and didn’t pay for this hair cut. They were dolls when I went back but I tell you that was very hard to do because all I could think about was the pile of hair left on the ground the first time!

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