Our Latest Bike Trailer

Not a Care in the World

We’ve been doing well on our plan to avoid driving the car as much as is ‘reasonable’ this summer.  Basically, within the city and for daily use we use bikes.  Outside of the city, we’ll take the car if we don’t have the time.  Over 1 hour of biking and we’ll consider if we could bike or we’ll just use the car.

Our puppy comes with us.  He used to ride on a basket at the front of my bike.  This has limitations.  Namely if Dad and the kids went out, the puppy stayed home.  The puppy is full grown now.  The basket was straining under his 15 lbs.

So we explored other options.  Wike, the company who made our grocery shopping trailer, the city shopper, happens to be located in Guelph.  We stopped by their ‘factory’ and talked with Anna and Bob and they helped us come up with a way to continue to take our puppy with us.  We have plans to further modify this basic trailer so that it will have some storage capacity and a place for the puppy, kind of a trailer inbetween the city shopper and the use of the pannier bags.  One day, I’ll post how we doctored up the trailer, but for now, enjoy these pictures.  It has been a great day weather-wise here!

Side Profile

More pictures at Flickr, use the link on the right if you are interested!

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5 Responses to Our Latest Bike Trailer

  1. dreamom says:

    That is awesome. I am saving up to get their children’s trailer for next summer. Can you ask if you can put a second trailer behind it? I am concerned about having storage capability while I have the kids… I also want to fashion a way of a younger baby being transported… all these questions…

    • Songbirdy says:

      Yes, you can have them right away install a special bracket so that you can pull a second trailer. That is how we can pull the two trailers at the same time.

      You can buy the bracket from them at any point and install it yourself with any bolt and self locking washer. However, my Wike trailer was the base model and we upgraded that one to have the front wheel and handle bar. Which also meant we had to upgrade the wheels. Since we were buying the second trailer, we simply upgraded those wheels and then flipped them with the City Shopper and saved a few dollars.

      The only thing you have to watch for is the angle of the second bikes tow bar. We had a second tow bar designed that was longer than the normal tow bar. This means the trailer is more behind the first trailer and not too much to the side. We also need the shorter bar because we plan on towing just “Kibbles’ Trailer” most of the time. So when it is connected directly to the bike, it needs that shorter bar or it would be out in traffic!


  2. appliejuice says:

    Cute! We have one of those baby trailors we use once in a while to go to the grocery store.

  3. cricketB says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait till our kids are good enough bikers that it’s a reasonable mode of transportation.

    What do you do with the bikes and trailers while in the grocery stores? I don’t see a lot of locking areas around.

    • Songbirdy says:

      Good Question!

      In our latest acquisition we had our primary trailer modified to include a better handle and larger wheels and a third wheel up front. We’ve always taken that trailer into the store and used it as a cart. This prevents you from purchasing too much and gives a good reason why you won’t be buying heavy pop 😉 . It is fined to use it without the modifications, however on the awkward and cumbersome side. With the modifications, it is a piece of cake.

      Otherwise the wheels are a quick push button release, so I’d slip off the tire and we use a very heavy cable and lock the bikes and wheels and tires all together in one big lump. I was told the key to good theft prevention isn’t so much cabling the bike to something permanent but more making our bikes more time consuming to steal than the other bikes around 😉 .

      Hope that helps! It takes about 5 – 10 minutes to lock up the bikes in a really good way but, I figure its worth it!

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