The Last Summer Dress (for now)

Well, here you go folks, the last summer dress. At least from this pattern. I think. Well, its the last sewing for two days, other than finishing off my brother’s pants which are half way done (this public service announcement is made on his behalf, brother, thou shalt be clothed again… in a day or two).

The Last Summer Dress

It should be immediately apparent that this dress fits the pink rule. However I broke a few other rules along the way! First, no ruffle on the bottom and, I didn’t pouf the sleeves.

Actually of the dresses, this one gave me the most trouble. The pattern calls for you to simply press down the seam allowances to create the elastic casings. While I was pinning in the neck allowances, I could tell nearly immediately this wasn’t going to work. I tried anyways. After carefully ripping out the majority of the casing, I made some bias tape and made a pocket out of that. You can kind of see the detail here:

Special casing made at Neckline

If you notice, the daisy fabric is dark pink on the inside. That’s the casing. I really like this finish and am going to note that on the pattern, as I think this is how I’m going to do this the next time unless I’m sewing knit fabric like I did for P’s favourite dress.

To make up for the unorthodox hem and sleeves, I added some embroidery stitching, detail seen here:
Sleeve Detail

Fancy Hem stitching

It was asked, so I’m just going to put this into the post… I used this pattern, Kwik Sew 3674 for all of the dresses. You can see how I modified the pattern each time to make each dress unique.

And yes, I did sew all three dresses in approximately 10 hours. Once a pattern is traced out and you’ve worked through the pattern, the second and third attempts are simple.

Next up for the daughter are some of these patterns: 3542, 3317, 3519 and some leggings for under the dresses.

For myself, I’ve got some plans and picked up this pattern today, 3521.

But tomorrow is Garden Fresh Pack day and Thursday is my birthday and the Soup/Supper Social night so ciao for now! See you potentially on Friday with results of my draw! You can enter until I draw 😉 .

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One Response to The Last Summer Dress (for now)

  1. BrendaS says:

    Very cute dresses, Roberta! You do nice work! I don’t seem to *feel* like I have the patience to sew…but perhaps I’m wrong about that. I need a navy skirt…just a simple gored skirt to the knee…and cannot find one. Perhaps I will actually have to sew it myself! Yikes!!!!! I do have sewing experience…I used to make a lot of my own clothes in high school, but alas, I have mostly sewn curtains and the like these last years!

    I love the embroidery flowered stitching you did on this dress. It matches the flowers on the fabric so nicely. I am sure ‘Pinky’ will love wearing her new dresses!

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