Pinky and the Next Dress

Since Pinky is awake and I finished the second dress in record time this morning, I managed to get a picture of her in her latest dress.  Sadly, the dutch girl dress has been quickly abandoned for her new favourite dress.  I knew that would happen.  This dress is pink, has flowers, glitter and ‘drape.’  Although she doesn’t know the word drape, she is in love with any dress that flows and moves and allows her to do the same.

We’ve agreed that ‘dutch girl dress’ will be a Sunday dress 🙂 which makes me happy enough because, quite frankly, I spent too much time fiddling with the details to want it to be quickly destroyed in back yard play.  One of the reasons I’m not perfectionistic about sewing these dresses is that I know my daughter will wear them to threads.  Which is why I’m happy enough to sew them for her in the first place!

The Pinky Dress

The Hem: Pinky Dress, Hem detailing (you can enlarge to see the sparkle 😉 )

The Bodice: Peasant style (which I consider modest)
Pinky Dress Bodice

And last, my favourite, the Dutch Girl Dress:
The Dutch Girl Dress

That face is of a girl being forced to remain in the Dutch girl dress when all she really wants is to be in the Pinky Dress.

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4 Responses to Pinky and the Next Dress

  1. dreamom says:

    I love both dresses – Libby – Pinky II – loves the second one too. Which pattern was it? Thanks for the pic’s – according to Libby Pinky is ‘weally beauiful, Mommy – weally beauiful…” said with a tone of absolute AWE 🙂

    • Songbirdy says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Here is the pattern, Kwik Sew pattern 3674 I’m not sure if they have it in smaller size but I know Simplicity does. Make Simplicity dresses 1 size smaller than you think from the chart. Unless of course… they fixed that 😉 I’ll have to share Libby’s comment to Karryne later!


  2. Janet says:

    Did you sew all the dresses?

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