Going To A Wedding Today

Wedding Towel Set

Originally uploaded by Birdy V

My Cousin is getting married today. This is the part of the gift I’ve knitted up for her. On the right are white face clothes knitted by my Oma. These were her last knitting projects. I had to finish one and sew them all up. They form a little glove and were Oma’s favourite face clothes. I then designed large hand towels, on the top left corner, to match the face clothes. I found the mitered Hand Towel pattern on-line at Canadian Living. It is the Mason-Dixon Hand Towel. I modified it to match Oma’s hand towels. The blue cloth on top of the face clothes from Oma is a Doily style cloth which I just knitted up for fun. It matches in that its the same yarn 🙂 .

The gift will include other bathroom stuff in a basket. There are approximately 14,000 stitches in one of the hand towels.

Here are some pictures of the gift once assembled.

Inside the Basket

IMG_5168 All Wrapped Up

Added to the Basket:

-Halls throat lozenges

-Ibuprophen [Advil]

-Acetaminophen [Tylenol]

-Cold & Sinus [Generic but Advil knock-off]


-Tensor Bandaid


-Hand Soap, liquid

-Allergy [Benadryl comprable]

-Polysporin Anti-Bacterial Cream

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One Response to Going To A Wedding Today

  1. Elaine says:

    That is a great gift!!

    My usual wedding gift to give is a basket with 2 red towels, 2 nice stemmed glasses, 1-2 bottles of sparkling cider, votive candles and holders – unscented ones, with lots of Hershey Huggs and Kisses strewn about. So far everyone has loved this gift.

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