Humour is the Best Medicine

I’ve been without the internet connection for a few days now.  Its been fine, my husband and children didn’t do as well.  Its one of those left over things from our time away with my mother-in-law’s funeral.  I had cancelled service with Bell and then meant to connect with Rogers once more, but forgot and so Monday when I found ourselves without internet I realized my omission.

So, some humour.

Today I finally had internet so I jumped back on the computer for the first time in 4 days.  Only to discover that my children had spilled chocolate milk on the keyboard.  No worries!  I bought one of those spill resistant keyboards.  I grabbed the letter opener and popped off all the keys.  Being that we have the fancy schmancy keyboard…

I was sitting at the table with all of the little keys when the mother of my ‘after-school child’ came to pick her up.  She and I sat there and guessed at the keyboard.  We plugged it back in when we thought we had the letters right.  We were in fact right!  Then we used a sharp pencil and a simple program to type letters and figure out the rest.  The only ones I don’t think I have right are the PrtScn/SysRq; ScrLk; and Pause/Break buttons.  But since I don’t use them, don’t have a clue how to use them… I’m okay with this.

But a word to the more wise than I: TAKE a picture of your keyboard BEFORE you pop off all the keys.

Otherwise you’ll be sitting there typing out imaginary words to yourself to try and remember the keyboard layout.

One last tip:  When knitting the front of a cardigan after knitting the back, it is worthwhile counting how many rows of ribbing you did in the back BEFORE you knit 4 extra rows on both of the fronts of the cardigan.  Because when you are knitting both fronts at the same time, Tinking becomes a nightmare.  Especially if your pets think it grand of you to provide them with entertainment.

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2 Responses to Humour is the Best Medicine

  1. appliejuice says:

    LOL I am sorry you had to go through all of that. When I read you popped off all those keys, I thought, “I’d do the same thing and there is no way you are going to get those back on there.” I am sure you will figure out where the keys go. Those three, on my keyboard, go in the exact order you have them written, above the insert/home/pageup buttons. You probably have them elsewhere.

  2. cricketB says:

    I hear you! I cleaned my keyboard a few years ago. Gross (so glad it’s done).

    As for the sweater, I often do both fronts and the back at the same time, to avoid that problem. Even better, I combine them into one big piece, so there are no seams. I usually combine the stitches on either edge of a seam into one. Sometimes one of the fronts has to be done backwards. I usually do the right front first so it’s forwards, then reverse it for the back. Having learned about charting, I might chart the pattern, then knit from the chart. Also have to do some math to decide where to break for the arm hole. You can also convert a front/back pull-over to in-the-round. Usually the even rows are “k the k and p the p”, so easy to do backwards. Change to back and forth at the arm holes, so you need to know if your tension changes much between back-and-forth and in-the-round and adjust accordingly.

    Did you enjoy the internet holiday? I don’t take the computer out of town. The family is happier when I stay off when the kids are home, but,…

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