Some Comedic Relief: How not to be effective when Grocery Shopping

I thought it was time to take a little relief from the current tone of posts, tis true that more has *happened* but that can wait for now.  Today was one for the record books folks!

But first, PICTURES!
Twist Knit ~ Current Attempt, I think # 6

This is my latest cast on project. It is a sweater called Twist and I’m doing it as part of a KAL [knit along] on Ravelry. This is one of those projects that is ‘based’ on the pattern as I’m needing to make a lot of changes because she doesn’t even go up to my size!

Next, here are some charming pictures of my children. On Wednesday morning my friend picked us up and we went on a Home-school Field trip to Guelph’s West End Rec Centre for Emergency Preparedness Day. They had a blast. But when they saw the pictures they took later on they thought they looked goofy.

Come On Sis!  Make a better face! ~by Eric

Self Portrait, "What kind of an army face is this me?"

On a more serious note: This was a very hard place for me to attend. I hadn’t even thought for one second that seeing emergency vehicle after emergency vehicle would cause problems. And then there was the issue of my daughter who developed the need to tell every Paramedic about every bad thing that had happened to her, except about Grandma. I’m going to assume that this was part of her healing process. For me, I got through it.

So, here is the story of Today.

Today was PayDay, which is also known as Grocery / Errand Day.  Since our last Grocery Day was skipped, we were in serious need of food.  As the weather was forecast for rain, my husband decided to bike to work so that I could have the car.

So, once we were finished school work, we got ready to go.  List, check, keys… where are the car keys!

After about 20 minutes of frantic searching, I went to the car.  Sure enough, there they were in the cup holder in the centre console.  I realized that my darling husband had locked my keys in the car.

So I called him at work hoping he could borrow someone’s vehicle and come home for a second.  Without keys, I couldn’t lock the house.

No such luck.  Which greatly pleased Kibbles,

Tired Kibbles

as he knows he can go grocery shopping with us when we bike.

So we amended our preparations.  Water bottles, helmets, sun screen.

Bikes, check; Wike Trailer, check; Dog in Basket, check; Flags and lights, check…

I was really wanting to stop by the second-hand book store because the kids and I are reading the Magician’s Nephew and they enjoy reading along in their own books.  So they agree, we’ll go to the far-away grocery store.

Stopped at the book store, get pile of books and find out at the till how much cash I need.  This store only uses cash.

Run across the plaza with the kids and dog.  The kids agree to sit outside and watch the dog.  We’re hungry at this point because we had no lunch foods in the house.  And its after 1 p.m.

Quick get the groceries.  Get in the shortest of the long lines.  Watch 4 items not scan.  Anyone know, off hand how much anchovies cost?  Didn’t think so.

Get to the register and a sinking feeling fills my stomach.  I took the debit card out my wallet the other day when we went canoeing because I had to buy the season’s pass.   Frantically I dug through my purse.  Sure enough, no debit card, no wallet.  So get the cashier to set my groceries aside.

By now I was panicking, slightly.  I had to be back home for 3:30 p.m. to pick up my after-school girl.  And my debit card was locked in the car.  Well, the far-away grocery store is relatively close to my husband’s work.

So frantically the kids, dog and I zip up Speedvale Ave [busy 4 lane road] to his work.  Laughingly I explain to the Milk Receiver that I need my husband’s debit card.  Naturally my husband was suspended 50 ft in the air cleaning out the milk dryer.  Eventually they manage to get him and I get the debit card.

As I’m leaving I hear them teasing him that now I’m off to buy a car.

Pedal, pedal, pedal… and we get the groceries, once I add the cash for the books I’m $5 over budget, not bad.  Get on bikes, feel rain drops.  Book store, check… ACK!  Its 3:05 p.m.!!!

PEDAL Kids!  Yes, I *know* we haven’t had a thing to eat since this morning!

Phew… there we sat on the sidewalk at the bus stop, with 10 minutes to spare.  Hands full of cookies, fruit and cheese strings.

And that my friends, is how you don’t get your groceries!

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