Soup Social Observations

Well, Soup Social went well for the first night.  I had a lot of excitement and positive feed-back going into the day so it was hard to gauge how much food to prepare.  As a consequence, I did greatly over prepare but am now able bless the local Wyndham House with soup.

So there was a bit of a confusion with the Garden Fresh Box part of this equation.  The gentlemen who loaded the truck ended up mis-counting the boxes and they were short.  Since the organizers knew I had ordered an extra, I was asked to give one box back in exchange for the extra vegetables.  Which was perfectly alright in my situation.

The menu was as follows:

Soups: [meatballs were cooked in the oven and served on the side to allow everyone equal choices]




Garlic Green Bean & Potato

Buttermilk Tea Biscuits


Apple Crisp

I’ll admit that I had a *thing* against Borscht but once it was served to me I no longer have a thing against Borscht and my son simply loves Borscht.  Since mine didn’t have caraway seeds and the kind he likes did I have to ensure I now have caraway seeds!

While I was asked repeatedly what I was making next month, I tried to explain that until I have the box and the actual vegetables in my hands, I can’t predict!  For example, I was hoping for a nice Spinach and Berries salad since there had been spinach in the last 4 boxes.  Well there wasn’t this month!

Anyhow!  It was fun.  I’m going to have to try and get more done on the Wednesday before, the reason I didn’t this time is because my husband decided to go into work instead of having the day off as he was scheduled.  This really threw my plans for a loop as I then didn’t have enough persons to cover the other stuff that had to be accomplished on Wednesday.

And because I ended up having to do the things on Wednesday that I planned for him to cover, I ended up with a back injury.  Which made me quite inefficient on Thursday.

But now I have drugs, they are starting to reduce the pain and I should be good to go again by Monday.

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