Road Running

Today a friend called and she, the kids (all 5 of them) and I headed out running the roads. We headed towards Kensington Market and had a blast walking around a bit. The purpose of the trip was to buy her some more inexpensive but really nice beads so that she can make up the rest of the stitch markers she needs for her order at All Strung Out.

We purposed to make it a low-cost trip. So I brought cookies and water. She brought cheese and apples. At our first stop (the bead shop) the kids and I ‘borrowed’ the bathroom at the Taco Bell/KFC and for its use I bought two large boxes of french fries.  So the kids stuffed their faces ate some warm french fries and we entertained ourselves with a TO inspired “Eye-Spy” game.

1.  Find someone with a nose ring

2.  Find someone with a purple purse

3.  Find someone with a less than natural hair colour

Surprisingly we only found the 2 item of the list and it was a man carrying that purse.

Then I went to look at a knit shop.  Yeesh! Seriously, I love luxury as much as the next person but a basic plain not fancy skein of wool for $20?  Llama starting at $38 a skein?

Luckily the kids were chaotic outside (I knew enough they couldn’t enter the store!) that I begged off “not being able to think” and left without buying.

Then we hit the Market and Chinatown.  The kids hit *the* candy store and each spent a dollar on sugar in its dyed and highly refined form.

After walking for a bit my friend said, “Oh, there is a really good yarn store just around the corner.  We should go there.  You’ll like it.”

So she parked at a corner and I ran to discover… it was *the* store 🙂  The one that the Yarn Harlot shops at… and the Amy Singer of Knitty shops at… you that! store!  The one that I’d seen in dozens of pictures on the internet and kept thinking that I’d love to go and see one day.  Yes, that store!

Of course I carefully waited and asked very discretely if it was that store, and it was 🙂

Naturally I didn’t have money that I could really spend, but I did buy myself a yarn cutter clover thingy that I’d seen for a long time but never bought because I really didn’t need it because I had scissors.  But it didn’t cost too much… and I got it at *that* store 🙂 .

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2 Responses to Road Running

  1. cricketB says:

    That store has classes for kids. Awesome!

  2. appliejuice says:

    What a fun day! Funny about the man and the purple purse. LOL That should give you extra points.

    You have some strength not to buy anything at “that store”. 🙂

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