A Picturesque Day in the Nest

Sadly I will admit that my reaction to the recent snowfall is less than gracious. I was the one optimistic enough to believe that the weather channel was likely wrong.

Yesterday we went to Electricity Co-op which is held in the space rented by the Neighbourhood Group just around the corner. I’m a board member of this particular group, and I’ll digress here for a minute and say neighbourhood groups need to be repeated and if you want to start one leave a comment and I’ll put you in touch with the right people. In these days we need to reach out to each other and help our neighbours through this time!

Anyhow, I would first like to say that the person organizing this Electricity co-op has done such an amazing amount of organizing! I am so grateful for the effort and sheer volume of work that she has put into this co-op.

But for us, it has scratched an itch that I’m not turning into a bigger learning experience.

So last night I dug through my volumes of educational *fun* books and pulled together some supplies. The co-op atmosphere is fun but busy and for my son this essentially equals little to no learning. His ADHD swings into over drive and he does not function.

So I decided that we’d start at the beginning with our experiments. Today we did food batteries. I had a light bulb, a chirping bird buzzer and a digital led clock piece. The clock works well on 2 potatoes, the buzzer works with 3 potatoes but best with 4 potatoes, and the light barely works with 4 potatoes. The buzzer is enhanced by placing it on the bottom of a paper cup.

Prior to this I explained a bit about electrons, protons, neutrons and zinc and copper and the periodic table of elements. We drew out the copper atom and had fun with that.

Then we did the comb and hanky, balloon and paper experiment.

It was fun. We’ve started a notebook to journal our experiments. Some great quotes:

Brother: “I need more POWER! Sister grab another potato!!!”

Brother: “Who-reaka! There is light!”

Sister: “So why are these called she-matics?”
Mom: “Schematics … blah, blah, explanation…”
Sister: “Oh, well a woman probably invented them. Women like things tidy like that…”

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