A Shocking Proposal and a Freaked-out Father

As with many, our current debt load frightens us. The bulk of our debt is in two main areas, our mortgage and our student loans. The rest, quite minor in comparison are a line of credit and our rotating credit card bills. The line of credit financed house repairs, including the nearly burning down house electrical stuff. In all, its typical debt and the kind you are told not to worry too much about.

But my husband is stressing out about this a lot and I’m not far behind. I’ve tweaked and played with our money situation as much as I can and think I’ve struck an amazing balance. I’ve maximized every penny to put us in a situation where we are tackling our “optimizing” our dollars and aggressively tackling our debt.

This is something that I tackle alone. Its not something I like doing alone but somehow that is what happens in our marriage.

Anyhow my husband told me the other day that we need to cut all spending that we can and pay off even more debt faster.

Since my grocery budget is already ridiculously low because of extenuating circumstances for which I am ever grateful [in other words, have some dear friends and family move far, far away and assume their perishables], I sat there looking at the budget and determined two more areas where we can push our budget to its lowest of lows.

1a. Daddy can shower at work. Our water bill is high… Daddy takes showers daily and takes long showers daily. Daddy can take free showers at work as hot as he likes.
1b. We can wear our clothes longer between washes. Namely my daughter can wear the clothes between washes. No more cleaning her room by dropping her laundry… into the dirty laundry pile.

2. We go car-less for the summer.

So far… daughter agreed she could wear her clothes more as did her brother and I.

Daddy refused to comment on proposed changes.

For the record, I wasn’t expecting Daddy to agree. But perhaps, next week when I propose going vegetarian for dinners a week Daddy might be more receptive of the idea…

ha, ha, ha!

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4 Responses to A Shocking Proposal and a Freaked-out Father

  1. BrendaS says:

    Bless you, my dear! You are living in a tough situation…and doing it with grace and humour! πŸ™‚ I think those are very creative solutions! Do let us know how the vegetarian suggestion goes over! πŸ™‚

  2. appliejuice says:

    Wow, sounds like you are doing great. I would not have thought of wearing clothes longer, but it does make sense. Let us know about the showers. LOL I heard having a meatless meal twice a week is a great saver.

  3. carrotqueen says:

    DOB has noted that the gym membership his disability finally necessitated *does* have the side benefit of free hot showers. Alas, it doesn’t quite cover the membership cost. πŸ˜‰

  4. Elaine says:

    We have membership at a gym and take full advantage of the hot showers that come with membership.

    I’m sorry that hubby isn’t looking w/favor on the showering at work idea, mine would go for that – actually he does because for 2 weeks of the month he’s gone which lowers a few of my outgoes.

    Going carless in the summer is not an option for us as things are just too far away and the bus system where we live is very limited and not very effective. I do try to consolidate our trips to make the most of our time out.

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