Extra Work Tomorrow

My husband is completely excited. He works 12 hour shifts and 7 out of 14 days. He’s the 5th guy on an area of the plant that requires 4 guys to keep it running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with specific down time to clean and maintain the machinery. So my husband’s shifts cover the other 4 guy’s vacation time, their sick days, and then he’s the extra guy on cleaning days. He also does all of the other stuff that has to be done that can’t get covered in a normal shift.

Prior to this he literally worked 7 days a week, all sorts of odd and odd sorts of hours to make the funds he makes now in his new department. Essentially he was at work or in bed sleeping. Occasional stops made for eating.

We are thrilled that his new position is secure, as secure can be defined in these times. He makes milk powder.

But since he went from work-a-holic hours to 7 of 14 days off, he has been so antsy.

Last night a guy from our church called and offered him work tomorrow. My husband is simply thrilled. Over the moon, eager to work, very happy, you get the picture.

I kind of wish that he wasn’t working. But today I’ve received four bills in the mail. Each one has increased by a more than noticeable amount. Now I am grateful for the extra cash.

And a wee bit steamed that all of the bills have a line explaining that the rising bills are a direct result of “a rise in the cost of business.”

Come on, I’m smart enough to understand that the rising cost of business is that others, for sometimes very valid reasons, aren’t paying their bills and now… we are!

How long until this continual spiraling of costs leaves us all in the same boat? It might be time that certain companies consider that lines like “debt retirement charges” be removed from our bills so that we don’t further collapse our bloated economy and give all of us a chance to dig out of this financial slaughter in which we’ve been wallowing!

Don’t mind me, I’m off to stare at my budget spreadsheet for another hour and somehow discover how I can find the extra $300 and not reduce my grocery budget for the 3rd pay period in a row to less than $40!

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2 Responses to Extra Work Tomorrow

  1. dreamom says:

    Perhaps you will find your grocery bill ‘magically’ smaller for the next few weeks…

    The “rising cost of business” is also the gas surcharges, and that every supply they have is hiked up with the same charges – so that every step of the chain has a hike to swallow their hike, and then some… Pass the hot potato to the people who are least able to handle it, and have no one to pass it to. “Kids. You now have to pay for meals you get due to the rising cost of business – and don’t expect your allowance to go up, you are about to be laid off with out benefits. Questions? Call the hydro company!”

  2. appliejuice says:

    I am glad you husband has some extra work. I hope it continues. 🙂

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