Another Homeschool Link

This link appears to be related to Houghton Mifflin Company in some way shape or form… I’m not sure.  Anyhow, I found some nice outline maps and was interested in the Montly Themes section of the website.  Unfortunately, it is a bit more work and browsing through links and clicks to get to nice printables.  But… I’m enjoying the quality of things I’m finding on this site.

I’d say, as is typical, lots of great stuff for younger grades, not as much but some for higher elementary years.  In high school… sorry kiddos!  Life is boring now read your novel and 30 page synopsis now!

Educators Place

Outline Maps

Shape Book Patterns

Monthly Themes

FYI, I was asked to review a spelling program. The concept looks great so I’ve decided to play with the program and set it up for use with our children. With my son’s learning difficulties, I’ve been encouraged to use media other than pen and paper to teach spelling, so this might be a very worthwhile product. I’ll keep you posted!

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