A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Recently I’ve been sharing e-mails with a writer about my eldest child. She’s writing an article about Reckless Toddlers and so I’m sharing her with stories of my experiences with my son. Doing this has been really cathartic! I can’t believe we’ve made it through those days.

I can remember at his 5th birthday realizing that, we made it! And… he was still alive and had all his fingers, toes and nose!

So, today as I take my second cup of coffee and prepare to start our day of schooling I raise my cup in cheers to those of you who are still in the days of parenting that Reckless Toddler, or as I’ve heard it better said, Spirited Child.

You deserve a long vacation in a remote tropical island with hand and foot care and pampering. Truthfully you would be satisfied with a half hour nap. Keep on keeping on! Its only going to get better, more fun, more, more, more 🙂 Honestly, the best is yet to come!

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