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My Knitting Basket
I have been enjoying the cooler weather to its fullest. While I am so, and I mean SO grateful that spring is officially here I know that my knitting season is closing down. Without air conditioning I find it somewhat uncomfortable to knit, even cotton. I tend to crochet more in the summer.

Anyhow, above is my knitting basket that sits on top of a chest from Bangladesh. Inside the chest is our DVD’s. The basket is easy for the children to move and works pretty well at keeping the cat and dog out of my knitting while its stiffer sides look better than a flopping over bag. But I do continually transfer its contents back and forth as I love to get out to my LYS for the “Sit n’ Knits.” I don’t mind. In my smaller house, I’ll go the extra step.

Following are some of my projects from this season. I’ve got more of them posted on Ravelry, I’m Songbirdy there. And if you’re not on that you can can click on my Flickr and see more knitting pictures there!

My sock These will be socks for me! I’m thrilled everyone in my immediate family has a pair of socks, or two, or three made by me. Excepting me. This is a pretty constant trend. They have sweaters, hats, mitts, etc. So you’ll see that this year… I ended up knitting mostly for myself. After 7 years of knitting for others I honestly don’t feel bad about this fact!

The following are two sweaters knit from the exact same pattern.  I found the first, while comfy, cozy, and knitting up exactly as the pattern said it would… was better with detail to flatter my shape.  So in the second multi-coloured version, I played with the shaping, the texture, you name it!

First Simple Sweater, unassuming rectangle!Second Simple Sweater... modified to flatter my fit!

To show size, Breanna's Blanket with My Mom's Poncho over top
Above is a picture of a poncho I knit for my mother about 3 years ago.  Underneath is a blanket I knit for my niece.  I placed the poncho on top to show size!

Anyhow, thanks for stopping!

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One Response to Knitting Knews

  1. cricketB says:

    I’ve always used bags, at least officially, since they’re more portable. But in hindsight, and looking at my current projects, piles is more accurate for the active projects. All winter, it was nicely in my bag, or just the piece and the current ball on the table. Now that I’m swatching two projects and cross-stitching on a frame, I have to admit it’s piles. Confined piles, but I’m not always putting things back in the bags. Not a good example for the kids.

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