A Stark New Reality

For the record, I find the following quite humorous.  I’m embarrassed at my actions and since I love a good laugh am sharing this in humor!

As I mentioned my parents have moved away and shortly a friend and her family are moving away as well.  We are talking not within a reasonable drive visiting distance.  So our friends decided that since our kids are close friends they would gift us with a web cam so that the children can Skype with each other.

A side benefit is that my parents Skype and so my children and I got to have a nice 15 minute call with my parents yesterday morning.

My mother, trying to reassure my children, asked, “So, see? we don’t look any different!  We’re still GramE and GranDad!”

My son replied, “No!  You look different!”

My mother, some what astonished, replied, “Well, what is different then?”

My son explained, “GranDad’s hair cut!”

Which left my mother laughing!

Anyhow at the end of the conversation my mother commented on how nice my hair looked.  This is where I blushed and admitted to getting up early, showering, blow drying my hair and applying make-up so that I’d look nice for the video call! 😆

What’s worse… is that when I first saw myself through the cam’s eye… I was horrified.  I had these two ‘white’ eyebrow hairs that I didn’t think looked too bad but in the cam’s eye!  😆 I rushed off the the mirror to pluck out those hairs and wondered why no one ever told me!

So there you have it!  Hi, my name is Roberta and I’m vain about how I look in the web-cam.  And if you sniff real hard you might realize that I put perfume on just for you! 😉  Oh, and cleaned off the dining room table, and redirected the cam so that you can’t see the unfolded laundry… snort!

Kibbles & I

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2 Responses to A Stark New Reality

  1. Elaine says:

    I can completely relate!!! When someone wants to do a web chat with me I make sure there is a suitable back drop behind me and that I’ve gotten all cleaned up & put on make up so that I don’t look a MESS!!! I don’t do the perfume though as I don’t like how most mix with my body chemistry.

  2. dreamom says:

    lol! Maybe I should try that! I hate being on the Web Cam… I hope to get up and prim yourself with your chats with me! 😉

    Talk to you later!

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