Lazy Versus Busy, Part 1

4 Lazy hands make for poverty,
but diligent hands bring wealth.
Proverbs 10:4, TNIV

Okay, so here’s how my mind works. I read something. It sparks thoughts. This passage is one of the passages from my Morning Devotions.

My first thought, I’m busy and yet I feel lazy. Can busy and lazy co-exist?

Look at my house. Look at my laundry. [FYI: Laundry is my Achilles heel… to the point I’m actually considering having it done by those pay by the pound laundry mats].

Are so many of us who are busy actually using this to justify laziness? Is our societies economic downturn due to rampant laziness?

Were our grand and great-grand parents diligent with their hands and therefore our nations earned great wealth?

Did all these labour saving devices end up promoting business and not diligence?

What does history have to speak to this question?

Isn’t it interesting that the passage pairs Lazy with Diligence and NOT Busy?

So there… now you have the questions I asked of myself. Come back and I’ll share my conclusions. I’d love if you’d write down your thoughts. If you feel you have a blog worthy response you can blog on your blog and let me know and I’ll link. If you don’t have a blog, leave a message here [for those not in the know, if you comment usually I can respond to you without you needing to give an e-mail address]. If you comment that you have more to write, I’ll e-mail you. You e-mail your response. I’ll post it as a Guest Post here.

Meanwhile I must run I promised that I’d fold laundry today.

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3 Responses to Lazy Versus Busy, Part 1

  1. seeker86 says:

    This is something I often ponder. I am really interested in hearing more of your thoughts. Years ago at my work we had a speaker come in and talk to us about the tyranny of the urgent. Those attention stealers that cause us to be less focused and ineffective. I am always struggling between living in the moment and being sensitive to teachable moments with my girls and staying focused on what needs to be done today. Then there is the internet…LOL
    Good post!

  2. Desia says:

    That’s something to really ponder…while my mind ponders, I will quickly mention that vacuuming/sweeping/washing floors is my Achilles heel.
    And I do have to shamefacedly admit that I am lazy, I always have to fight against it..

  3. Elaine says:

    Some very good thoughts there. To be it is why am I busy and with what? Some business I could attribute to laziness when it is something that I am doing to keep from doing what is truly important.

    I’ll admit that having said the above I am frequently busy being lazy and then upset that I didn’t get certain things done. I really need to refocus my priorities.

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