Daily Life Randomness

We’re having chicken nuggets for lunch. We had chips and dip for breakfast/coffee. There have also been 6 apples and 5 cups of chocolate milk drank in this household.

I really wanted a shower this morning but I’m thinking it will happen this afternoon.

I have to provide a Vegetarian Crockpot dinner for University students tonight. When I protested that the words Crockpot and Vegetarian don’t work well together I was told they know but they have no place to cook anything. I have a dish in mind but will do up a winter salad and scones to go with it.

My daughter has organ and ballet lessons today.

I have a Budget Allocation Meeting tonight for the Neighbourhood Support Coalition.

My husband is working till 8 p.m.

My side hurts.

I have a lump on my head. Its a cyst. Apparently the course of treatment is wait. I’m not so happy about that.

Walmart’s knock off ketchup isn’t as good at President’s Choice’s knock off version. I’d wager the PC brand is of slightly higher nutritional value as well…

I just spent 2 hours on the phone with our “financial consultant.” We managed to talk about everything except politics. I still don’t trust the guy but… still don’t have money to pay the government either.

I’ve started reading the gift of Dyslexia. In true fashion, I’ve discovered that I have Dyslexia myself. Its a good thing I never did become a doctor like I dreamed about as a child, I’d be dead from all the psychosomatic diseases I’ve suffered from.

One month from now my parents will have lived in Cambodia for 4 days.

Right… must get ready to leave for organ lessons.


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2 Responses to Daily Life Randomness

  1. dreamom says:

    I am personally glad to hear that it is a cyst… could have been worse! I can appreciate your business, and as a friend close in proximity, I wish I could ease the burden a little bit. I am not looking forward to the day when our staying in touch will be through blogs and such, but alas – that day is approaching… fast approaching… Amid the business, I want to spend some time with you in the next 5-6 weeks… I know that I am competing with your parents who are also leaving, and going further – so with that in mind – I will be patient…

  2. momma2three says:

    I’ve started making our own ketchup – that way you can avoid the HFCS in the packaged versions. They recently found that 40% of products with HFCS also contain mercury, it’s a scary thought when you think about how much food has HFCS in it! Here’s the recipe we use.



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