Truck Accident

Just a request that you pray for my Father-in-law. He was driving his rig today and crashed into a parked Hydro truck.

Apparently he has walked away from the wreck unharmed physically.

There are just so many question right now.

Your prayers are appreciated.

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4 Responses to Truck Accident

  1. Nicole says:

    Praying! You had been in my thoughts lately.

  2. Songbirdy says:

    Thank You Nicole!

    At this point I’m trying to respect their situation and not share too much. One thing is that this accident is not the first and there are *certain* ramifications from that statement alone.

    Just too many factors to mention. Loads of prayer needed on this one!

  3. Wow, sorry for all your trouble Roberta. I’ll be praying. What a rough year you have had.

  4. kimhsmom says:

    Thank goodness he walked away unharmed.
    Praying for you all

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