Financial Worries?

I’ve been playing around with a post and commenting on these ‘current financial times.’ I actually have a draft I started about 1 year ago in where I laid out my thoughts that our economies were heading into dry times.

For me, my mending business was the indicator. When I previously sewed from home, right after we were married, 99% of what I did was custom ‘new’ sewing work. I can’t recall any mending work and the only alterations I did was for a family member who couldn’t afford new clothing and I’d adjust her thrift store buys to fit her better.

So it astonished me when I’ve found that nearly 90% of my business currently is repairing, mending, or altering existing clothing.

What is even harder for me is that while I know what I should charge for my services I find that I don’t charge those rates and often I accept bartering for my service.

I find talking about money hard for several reasons.

First, to some degree I endorse the effects of some of this hardship. I do think our North American society is too expansive, too materialistic, and we’ve chased and worshiped money to the detriment of our true treasures. But not once do I wish to see a change in our cultural norms in such drastic, depressing and dramatic events of these last few months.

Second, for my family we are actually at our best that we have ever been. Not to say that we don’t have debt. Because we have TONS of debt. But for once, my husband’s job is really good. His salary is decent and as secure as it could be given the economic climate. So when I hear the crappy nightly news, part of me just sighs and thinks that it just means more of the same.

Third, money is not white or black. What I think and endorse may be the exact wrong answer for you. On top of that, I’m under-qualified to comment. But I have studied history. That alone scares me silly.

Some of my thoughts, I’d like to see that some of the stimulus monies go into supporting families. I’d like to see that we encourage some people to drop out of the work-force. I’ve heard studies suggesting that there are people who would rather be at home. I look at my husband’s pay cheque and see clearly that more money goes bi-weekly to taxes than gets deposited in our bank account. Income splitting is something that would cause the government to loose some tax funds but it could create some jobs. Especially if you limited splitting to couples where one partner made less than $10,000 per year.

Another thought, while I am a strong supporter of Unions I’d like to see some practical sense added to some of those contracts. Do not get me wrong, my husband’s job is what it is because of the Union. But there have been Union shops where he has been employed where there has been rampant abuse by the employees of their employer because of the protection of the Union. I strongly feel that Unions should work both to protect the workers rights but also to protect the existence of the company!

While I doubt I’ve added anything new to the conversation I can share that I’ll just do my best to keep on living. Keep on trusting that God will take care of my family, provide for our tomorrows an hope that my eyes will be open enough to be aware of the beauty already in my life. I’m just going to make the effort to remember that joy, happiness, love, laughter, friendship, and so much more are not tied to or limited to monies in our bank account.

Pretty clique, n’est pas?

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2 Responses to Financial Worries?

  1. jessiedog says:

    Interesting observation about your sewing business.

  2. dreamom says:

    Check this out…

    I think that it is less about how much less there is right now, and more about appreciating what we have…

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