Nick & Kibbles

Nick & Kibbles

Originally uploaded by Birdy V

Its been a while since I’ve posted about our pets. As you can see the puppy is full sized now. He is not quite adult yet. His fur is about half puppy hair and half adult hair. The adult hair grows much faster so he looks so shaggy!

The cat and dog have finally seemed to work out some sort of peace. In fact the cat gets down right miserable when the dog goes outside for a long time. For example, at night the husband will take the puppy in the car when he goes to pick up our son from an evening program. After about 10 minutes the cat will come out yowling for the puppy. Shortly thereafter you’ll find the cat sitting in the puppies favourite location in our house. Err, okay the location that is not my lap 😉 .

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One Response to Nick & Kibbles

  1. Kibble is so cute. He looks to be about the same size as the cat. I’m glad they worked out some sort of friendship.

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