Back In the Bible Days, a Photo Journal

Singapore Zoo 5

My parents are moving to Cambodia. My mother is in the process of reducing their house as their long term goal is to live there till my father retires at 65. My mother sent my these pictures of a trip we took to Singapore when I was two. We were returning from their first time served overseas as Relief Agency workers. The pictures were taken at the Singapore Zoo.

My son looking at them today said, “Wow! Mom! These are of you in the Bible times!”

I hope you enjoy 😉 !

Singapore Zoo 6

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo 1

Singapore Zoo 2

Singapore Zoo 3

Singapore Zoo 4

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4 Responses to Back In the Bible Days, a Photo Journal

  1. seeker86 says:

    Those pictures are awesome. Your son is too cute Bible times LOL

  2. Great pictures! What fun memories to share with your children….of the Bible Times. LOL.

  3. appliejuice says:

    Great pics! I love that term Bible Times. LOL

  4. Desia says:

    Everything looks so lush and green. Yes, it must have been in the Bible times!

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