Rules of Civility

Like other people I know, I find the best kind of homeschooling happens when the child least suspects it. Being that I have, modestly, brilliant children I am constantly required to adapt my subversive learning strategies.
Over the past 3 years I have discovered that my most successful subterfuges involve a certain degree of … shall we say… stumbling on my part?
This past week I stumbled upon another wonderful such gem of devious education.

First I was going back though pages and binders full of wonderful resources that I had organized for our school but for various reasons had yet to use.

When I stumbled upon pages of penmanship exercises that I had printed off the Donna Young Website in the hopes of a daily penmanship exercise. However my son’s learning difficulties meant that these were abandoned.

I sat and looked at these lovely, and I do mean lovely exercises, read over George Washington’s rules of civility and just wanted to use them. So I got out the paper chopper and sliced them up into individual exercises. Link to the Donna Young Website and in particular to the pages I am talking about!

And then I placed them on top of the printer. My curious son wouldn’t leave me alone and wanted to know what they were for. Not knowing, I said that for every one he did, he’d get 15 minutes of electronics time.

Daily he’s been doing about 4 or 5 of them! His sister actually has him beat. I’ll take it as long as I can 😉 .

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