Now We’re Cooking with Crisco

Well, after much debate and cautious words the husband and I have upgraded our computer tower.   Last time (6 years ago) we bought a top of the line model that was new but had been in the store for at least 2 years.  In other words, we bought a 2 year + old computer.

So, after agreeing to take on a new job at our church (volunteer, not paid) and discovering how much stress it was to try and attempt to do this on a very old computer… and my husband’s successful campaign at hogging the computer over the Christmas holidays…

I agreed that we should update our computer tower.

Wowie!  It is unbelieveable.  Ha… !  Okay girls, I’m cooking with crisco now!

Was a dunce or what.  LOL, but don’t tell my hubby because in our fierce negotiations I got him to agree that I could get a Wii system down the road.  Why?  because I was arguing that it would be a much better buy than a new computer tower… LOL, I was wrong.

But then he went and played Wii at a friend’s house and I won 3 of the 6 bowling matches we had plus every single tennis match he and I played… so he wants the Wii now.  I’m okay with just buying this new tower.

What fickleness!  ;o)  Happy New Year!  And I’ll be back with thoughtful stuff later on, because let me tell you time without the computer (thanks to DH, which stands for Digital Hog) I’ve had time to be a thinking and naturally when its all up in my noggin it sounds pretty brilliant.  So I’ll share the stuff here later so that you can get a dose of daily mirth.

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2 Responses to Now We’re Cooking with Crisco

  1. Elaine says:

    Ooooo, a new computer!!! How fun.

    I bought the family a Wii system for Christmas, you can read about it at my blog. Now I am learning to use it so I too can play. Right now I’m not too bad at bowling but man am I bad at tennis. I haven’t even tried golf, boxing or baseball….

    We need to get at least one more controller and more games, it came with just one controller and the Wii Sports game. Come Monday I’ll be strictly regulating the usage of the system since we’ll be back to school.

  2. We love our Wii. And we love our computers. We are an electronic family. For Christmas we got the 3 older kids laptops…they really need them for school as we are using BJU DVD school right now and 2 of the kids’ school video’s are on hard drives.

    Enjoy your new computer!

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