Randomly Generated

First of all, thank you all so much for sharing with me in my joy that my house did not burn down!  I hate the fact that some of you have gone through this experience yourself and am truly appreciative that I have not had to experience this myself.

Second, I will get to the Meme and answer the questions.

Third, I was moaning the fact that my after-school child’s mother got laid off her work because I was counting on that money to buy Christmas gifts.  Yet in true fashion… when my one door was shut another opened and I have had constant and steady sewing jobs.  I have even had to move some more intensive jobs to the new year when I could concentrate on them properly.

Fourth, school is going like clock work.  The book work anyways.  And I suppose that is good.  We’ve also been doing really well on our co-op participation and another mother and I also do a nearly weekly exchange of children so that each of us gets time off once a week.  I *think* we’ve hit a great point in our home-schooling and that I am *officially* a home-schooler, wink-wink, nudge-nudge!

Fifth, I am feeling a certain need to with draw into myself right now.  Lately I feel that most of my life is a series of responding to events rather than being somewhat in control of life.  True, my daily life seems to be rather controlled but my Palm Pilot is just full, full, full.  Did you know that you can possibly have 5 catagories shown in the same square?  Its to the point that I would rather just sleep.  Not a good sign!  I’ve even taken to daily vitamins again simply so that I will not end up sick like I normally do when so busy!

Sixth, my parents are moving to Cambodia in the new year.  Likely in early March.  So we are having bitter-sweet moments right now.  My father will be the director of CRWRC’s office in Cambodia.  This is something near and dear to his heart and to mine.  I grew up in Bangladesh when my fathe was first a Field Worker with CRWRC, and later on, the South-East Asian Director, and then Bangladesh’s Director.  I am happy for them but am not the most excited that my parents will be in the time zone exactly 12 hours opposite of my own!

Seventh, my Neighbourhood Group is going well.  We’ve managed to secure some permanent additional funding.  We are bracing for a flux of new people at our doors given the current economic situation!

Eighth, I really wish the Liberals and Conservative Canadian parties would work together to govern our country and that we are not left stranded in this touchy time!

Ninth, my kids are sick.  Constant hacking coughs!  sigh!

Tenth, my dog is cute, cuddly and brings me much joy.  So do my children… but they are sick right now… I am not as fond of cuddling sick, drooling and snotting children as I am of cuddling my doggie… sorry, but that is the truth.

That’s all for now.  I’ve got lots of posts I’m sitting on waiting for some sort of brilliance, lol.  So we’ll all be kept waiting for now!

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2 Responses to Randomly Generated

  1. woundedlily says:

    I hope you can squeeze in some rest/sleep. My husband’s hours were cut this week, and they told him probably through the winter months. Our first thought, how can we get by with this cut. I’m not worried, for God has always provided. I hope everyone feels better soon.

    Have a good day, (If you can LOL)

  2. I hope you are able to get some rest. Sorry the kids are sick. I hope they feel better quickly.

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