Melted Wires in Electric panel

Melted Wires in Electric panel

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God has been watching over my family, and his angels have kept us safe once more.

The former owner of this house decided to re-wire the home.

He decided to wire the kitchen outlets but did wrong.

For about three days I had been smelling burning.

About 4 days ago I decided to cut down on our ‘phantom’ power usage and had been unpluging our computer and coffee maker at night plus our television.

It turns out that was what prevented the fire from happening.

This morning I turned on the coffee maker, the computer and the furnace kicked in.  It turns out that while these were to be 3 separate circuits, they were actually all wired together and we had no hydro.  I went downstairs and popped the breaker and saw sparks.

So I woke Dh up and said, you need to get up.  He took off the cover of the breaker panel and after a few minutes we saw the melted and fused wires and the breakers fused together, their screws melted!

My father came to our rescue and fixed everything.  Turns out the man didn’t separate two 15 amp breakers and cause the fire.  Thankfully, God in his blessing had us acting in such away that while I could smell burning several days, the usage had never been high enough for us to actually set the panel on fire.  Which, we have been assured would have been the situation.

Things that did happen:

-I had wall installed.  Turned off furnace because door to outside was open.  Tools were plugged into that circuit but because they were used one at a time and furnace didn’t come on, no over load.

-I’ve been unplugging coffee maker all the time lately.  This was so badly wired that had we tried to perk coffee and the furnace came on at the same time because the wires had melted so much, we would have started a fire.  But… that never happened!

-I’ve been turning off the computer at night.  My morning routine, which I have been following well lately, is to not turn on the computer until my coffee has been made, transfered into a carafe, and coffee maker unpluged for the day!

God is good!  We are safe, its is all well and no loss of furnace, house or anything!  Just a big scare!

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7 Responses to Melted Wires in Electric panel

  1. Elaine says:

    Praise God for His grace, mercy and protection over your family.

    Glad all is well.

  2. BrendaS says:

    Wow! It’s amazing how the Lord takes care of all the little details. His timing is perfect…and it teaches us to listen to that Still Small Voice…that might just be telling us to unplug the other appliances!

    So glad to hear it all went well, and that you got it fixed up!

  3. kimhsmom says:

    PTL I am so glad nothing happened, and glad Your Dad could get everything fixed for ya’ll

  4. Wounded Lily says:

    I’ve been in several house fires, one where we lost everything, not long after my Mom died. I am so thankful God protected you and your family.

    I would like to get to know you better. I would like to tag you but I don’t know how. The questions that Bobbie sent me are at my blog

    Join in the fun and learn more about each other.

  5. PTL for keeping you all safe and out of a harmful situation.

  6. Melanie says:

    What a fright you’ve had! I’m glad everything is fixed now. The last thing you need this Christmas is a house fire!

  7. Elaine says:

    Birdy, I would like to send you a Christmas card but I do not think that I have your current address. Could you email me your address if you would like me to send you a card.

    Hope all is well, you’re just busy with preparations for Christmas and that is why we haven’t see you around.

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