Winterized Dog

Winterized Dog

Originally uploaded by Birdy V

Kibbles was getting so cold outside at the bus stop so I thought, and was asked by many people, that he should get additional warmth. I found this cute coat with matching fur collar. He loves it and will growl when I remove the coat. The boots, why they are enjoyed as toss toys in the backyard. Thankfully they were a Clearance, Clearance, Clearanced item and just bought for fun!

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4 Responses to Winterized Dog

  1. Darla says:

    Those booties are too funny. Gotta Isabelle some. 😛

  2. kimhsmom says:

    What a cutie. My Shelby has a pink and brown sweater that she loves also

  3. So cute. Our dogs don’t like to have “clothes” on. And they REALLY hate the slippers/booties. They are in trouble when we move back to Alaska.

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