I’ve decided that it is time to pull my recipes and such from this site. It isn’t going to be so much of a rapid exodus, but I’m going to start by simply posting my cooking related stuff at another blog. I get many hits a day regarding recipes I have posted on the internet and I would rather not have that traffic here. To me, this blog is about… nothing, just my life in general. Since this internet place is so big and broad, I’d rather try and cause some separation.

You can find my first post at my new Cooking blog! Its been named, Betty Canuck Cooks, thanks to some friends of mine 😉 . Betty Canuck Cooks ~ click here!

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2 Responses to Separating

  1. Elaine says:

    I love the new blog but when I went to comment it would not show me the security word. This has happened with other Blogger blogs that are set up in the same manner as yours for commenting. Not sure what the problem is.

  2. Songbirdy says:

    Thanks for letting me know Elaine! I will look into fixing this!

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