The Importance of the Game Clue

A current obsession in our home is to play Clue.  Quite frankly, I don’t know why because my children have yet to win a game.  Not that I try intentionally to win, in fact I think I’ve shown great restraint.  I’m kind enough to repeatedly warn the child, err-hem, you’re showing me your cards.  Or, you might not want to mention you had a clue for that one as well because, now I know what your clue card.  And so forth.

Surprisingly my Dd is showing an amazing amount of luck for this game. I refuse to call it logic skill since she will manage to stumble upon the weapon and murderer and then go around the board making the same guess in different rooms.

It was hard convincing them that Clue was in fact an awesome game.  The first time, I ended up with all the weapon cards thanks to my son’s shuffling.  Imagine my shock when the first guess I made led to no proofs from them.

Or the second game in which I knew the results by the third turn.  And I, for one, am not good on playing a game if I already know!

So today we focused on learning Mommy’s system.  The one in which Mommy often figures out clues just by listening to other person’s guessing.  Rather than teach the complex system I have in marking the clue sheet I prepared a modified version of my clue sheet.  We then played several games so that they could see how they could use ‘logic’ to ferret out extra ‘free’ clues.

The best part of playing Clue? the stories of course!  This would explain why our games are long…

Mr. Black entered the entrance hall, dressed in his favourite colour.  Professor Plum, having returned from the suntanning beds, saw the darkened figure and presumed it was a burglar.  He dashed forward with the candlestick seeking to protect the home from the intruder, striking at his fore-head and in an unfortunate attempt at a-nude-ism (altruism) killed the kind host.

Mrs. Peacock and Mr. Black were enjoying a wonderful waltz in the ballroom when Mr. Black accused Mrs. Peacock of stepping on his toes.  She protested loudly and a fight ensued because a lady never steps on a man’s toes.  Of course, we all know she did!  But in the heat of the fight, while holding the candlestick Mr. Black spontaneously combusted!

Mrs. White was in the kitchen, dreaming of Spain and matadors and knife throwing events.  Lost in her thoughts she reached out to the knife block and whimsically threw a knife at the wooden trap door.  Naturally it was at that second that Mr. Black lifted the trap door in an attempt to satisfy his cheese craving of only moments before.  Sadly, it was the cheese that killed Mr. Black.  Mrs. White?  Involuntary Manslaughter.

Yes, we enjoy a good game of Clue!  And no, I did not embellish the stories, the first was creation of my Son, the second of my Daughter, and the third, my own.

And last, I would not leave you without a treat, here is my modified clue sheet!


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One Response to The Importance of the Game Clue

  1. Elaine says:

    Very interesting. I use logic as well in solving this game. I take note – by way of initials – of who has what cards/clues and mark my sheet accordingly. Usually what keeps me from winning is the dice. 🙄

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