A Cozy Glance

In the past, I blogged what my living room looked like. It has changed dramatically since that day. So I thought I would show the changes. At some point I’ll link to the old post ‘Here‘. I’ve also decided to share how much it cost me to create this space for my family.

Entrance from the front porch If you were to enter my home, you’d enter this room through this door. We installed this door and it actually comes from my Grandparent’s farm house which now belongs to my parents. We dug it out of one of the out buildings when I needed a door in this spot. It was so gross but cleaned up nicely.

The arm chair you see is one that I bought at the Thrift store. I waited a long time for a decent chair that I knew would fit into my colours. I still have to fix the throw cushion but for now, this is what I have. For those who would like to know it cost me $65 CND including taxes.

The door cost me $100 to have installed, since we had to have it specially fitted to the opening.

Grandpa's Wall Unit I am so grateful that I managed to buy this piece of furniture from my Grandfather. It is meant to be a China Cabinet, but for me, it is such a great feature of our home. Without it, we’d be up the storage creek. With it, I can get a lot of stuff nicely stored away and have style in my home.

I bought that unit for $500 but it included our dining room table. I mention these prices simply because I am happy how waiting allowed me to make the most of my meager decorating budget.

Toward Dining side

This is the view of the other side of the room. My puppy ate through all the computer and phone cords today, so while I was waiting for a solution, I folded laundry.

In the far right is our school cupboard. That is also a thrift store buy, costing me $85 including delivery. It is in nearly perfect condition excepting for the fact that the person’s who dropped it off at the thrift store used packing tape to tape the doors shut and despite my heating the tape some of the finish was removed!

All my dining room chairs cost me $5 a piece and were bought from the nursing home where I was formerly employed. On the left of the picture is our organ that my daughter plays, cosing me $0.75. The computer desk was gleaned from the barns on my parent’s farm (once my grandparents). The filing drawers were a buy from the As-Is of Ikea and cost me $45.

The Laundry

And here is the second table load of folded laundry, waiting to be put away. It has since been put away.

The bookshelf you can see was bought new, but cost $70 on sale. The lamp was actually the second most expensive thing in the room, having cost me $100. The curtains are made by me and I was given the fabric by my mother for my birthday. I have material to make proper tri-pleated floor length curtains for over the sheers with a removable summer reflective lining. The material for all of that was just under $200.

I hope you enjoyed your tour and it gives you some hope that with a lot of patience and time you can pull together a nice looking home on a budget! 🙂 You can find a summary of the costs involved below.

Door: recycled, $100 for installation

Wall Unit & Table: $500, buy from family member

Armchair: $65, thrift store

Chest beside Armchair: wedding gift

Bookshelf: $70, on sale buy new. Inexpensive but good enough for now 😉

Coffee Tables: free, was driving by as someone was cleaning up from their garage sale and asked if I could have them.

Chairs: $ 5 each, x 6 equals $30

School Wall Unit: $85

Computer desk: free w/ lots of elbow grease

Filing Drawers: $45

Curtains: $200, roughly as I sewed them myself and they are actually not finished yet [read as, one day I’ll take pictures with them finished and show you then]

Paintings: two were wedding gifts, one was an original from a painter we loved and cost us $300

Clock: wedding gift.

Small Organ: $ 0.75

Lamp: $100

For a total if my math is any good of $1135.75, give or take a few errors and not counting electronics or laundry 😉 !

Hope that inspires you!

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4 Responses to A Cozy Glance

  1. Applie says:

    You did a wonderful job!

  2. Isn’t it fun to see what you can do with a small budget to create a cozy home? You found a lot of deals too, that is great!

    Happy day!

  3. desia says:

    Very creative – it looks like two wonderful cozy, rooms to use and visit!

  4. Darla says:

    Well you go with your thrifty self!

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