Real Life Lessons

Today my son underwent some Real Life Lessons. Only I really wish he didn’t learn them “hands on.”

For example:

-spent matches are hot enough to burn holes

-when a balloon lands on hot wax, it will burst

-when a balloon bursts on top of a large wax aroma melting thingy-ma-bob, wax will land everywhere

-wax is a ‘PITA’ to clean up

-Mom & Dad get exponentially angrier the more times you get in trouble for the exact same thing

-don’t try and explain that you had to do it because of your “impulsiveness’

-when you melt plastic:
-it stinks
-if it gets on something, it will likely stay on that thing
-it really hurts
-you can’t expect a gracious parent

-when you use an entire super sized box of matches that you had to go and sneak out of your parent’s bedroom while your parent was sleeping in it you will have consequences (Dad was sleeping, I was at Ballet lesson)

What Mommy learned:

-its a good thing the chest I can lock up with a padlock is so large, because I can’t burn or have candles around right now. Matches are not for us!

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2 Responses to Real Life Lessons

  1. Elaine says:

    Oh my!!!
    Those are certainly hard life lessons. Did it all happen in the same day?? 😕 I hope that he has learned from all of this and will decide not to play/use matches again until he can master his impulsiveness. Was he personally hurt at all?


  2. Oh wow, those are some tough life lessons, and it sounds like Ds was not the only one learning through them. (((HUGS)))

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